Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wish me luck

I had an interview today. Part of me thinks I am jinxing things by mentioning it here, but internet love and well wishes has worked wonders for others in the past.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Status Report

My sister-in-laws socks are done. The fact that it only took me a week to knit the second sock makes the fact that it took me 6 months all that much more pathetic.
I have turned the hill on the first sock for my dad, hopefully I will finish it this week so I can get the second one done in time for Christmas.
I am watching the most depressing hockey game I have ever seen. The Blues are loosing 9-4 to the Avalanche. It an attempt to cheer myself up, here's a picture of Purl in her reindeer antlers. She kept them on for about 1 second before she decided they were evil.

I think she's stinkin cute in them.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Today is my blogiversary!

Da Da Da

(It works better if you can imagine the dramatic music along with the da da da)

I finally finished the first sock of doommy doom doom, other wise known as Child's First Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. It took me close to six months to finish this sock. I cast on the first time on June 14. After knitting the cuff the first time I decided it was too big and ripped on with 8 fewer stitches...
which caused the sock to get stuck on my leg when I tried it on after the gusset. So in all fairness, I've knit this sock twice in that time. But now I have one finished, so ...
That's right! I cast on for the second one! This photo was taken after I had completed two repeats on the leg. I now have 4 1/2 repeats out of the 6 I have to do for the leg. Good thing too, because I decided that I am going to give them to my sister-in-law for Christmas. She is taking care of 4 kids right now while my brother is in basic, so she definitely deserves some hand knit love for the holidays. The yarn reminds me of Monet's Water Lillies, which is her favorite painting, so it's perfect.
I also decided to make my dad a pair this year. The only knit item he has from me is the first scarf I made out of cheapo acrylic, so it's time he got something.

The leg is now about 7 inches long now. I am using Austermann Step in a denim colorway (my label says 20-200115, but that's not on the website. I think it's 21.7789-20). I am using size 2 needles, which is nice. Unfortunately I sat on my sock bag, so I broke one. I need to go by my LYS to pick up some new ones.
However, I'm not going anywhere tonight. It is snowing and yucky out. It has given me opportunities to wear my new hat, though. It's only a little bit itchy, right where it touches my forehead. It only covers about 1/2 inch, so it's not bad. Also, I could find merino itchy if it was on my forehead. It's my curse as a knitter - I don't like to wear winter hats. Since this one's so pretty I will make an exception.
Remember my mom, the crafty one? She felt bad for me because I haven't had a Christmas tree in two years. My cat likes to pull off all the ornaments, and Purl just likes to destroy things. So she made me one!

It's hanging right over my couch and is so pretty and festive. I think it's what put me in the mood to knit for other people this year!
Finally, some temptation. These ladies are enablers! I know the list is meant to be given to other people for ideas, but I just want to buy something from every store they listed!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

As promised...

I went to the Blues game last night. We won, which was a good thing, because I needed that excitement to get me through the rest of the night. We took the metro-link, St. Louis' version of public transportation. After the game we went to a friends, who lives near the rink. We thought we had until 12:30 to get back to the metro stop, since the sign said the last run west was at 12:45. I assumed that the last train west would go ALL THE WAY west. At 12:45 we hopped on the correct train, only to be told at the next stop that it was the last one and everyone had to get off! So we were stranded at Union Station at 1 am. Luckily (it seemed at the time) one of the people with me got a hold of a relative to come get us. Only after we got picked up did we realize we may have been better off trying to catch a cab. Luckily everyone made it home safely, but it was a stressful night.

In knitting related news, I finally photographed Foliage!

I haven't worn it much yet, since I live in Missouri and we are having some crazy weather. In the last two days we went from 40 degrees to 70, back to 40. I took this photo this morning on my back porch with short sleeves on. It was comfortable out side in said short sleeves. Now, it is freezing out. Hopefully I will get more chances to wear the hat!
All in all, this is a good project. It took me less then a week to knit, used up stash yarn, was well written, and kept me interested.
Here's a shot on the progress on Oblique, as well.
I haven't figured out to lighten images or correct the color on my photo editing software yet, and didn't want to take the time to figure it out now. The top photo shows the true color better, but is just a little too dark. The bottom photo is lighter and shows the detail better, but looks gray as opposed to navy blue.
Well, back to knitting. Christmas is only 23 days away!