Monday, August 20, 2007

Florida, Here I Come!

Sorry, still no photos.

I'm at work right now, job #2 - the one I actually like. I really wanted to get this grant in today, but now I'm not so sure. It's not looking promising, so I'm sure that if I got off of blogger and myspace things would be going much faster.

I leave on Thursday to go to Florida for 5 days. I am very excited about this. I plan on making good use of this vacation time - working 7 days a week with no breaks means I REALLY need some time off. (Really, I don't mean for this to sound winy. I love the second job, which is why I work 7 days a week. If I didn't love it I would go back full time to job number 1 and get my weekends and PTO back. But I do, so it's worth it. I'm just really excited to be going on vacation).

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Catch Up

It was been 98 degrees or hotter for the last two weeks here. It is too hot to knit, too hot to take pictures of the non-existing knitting, and too hot to blog. Heck, it is almost too hot to think. I took Purl for the first walk in three weeks this morning - with all that black fur she overheats easily.
I have gotten some progress on my child's first sock, but due to needle issues I have put the sock down for a while. I normally use bamboo needles for socks but found that mine were warping too much on this sock, so I decided to give metal a shot. I'm finding that the metal is way to hard on my hands - I have arthritis and for whatever reasons my hands seem to hurt much more when I use the metal dpn's then with the bamboo, so much so that the last time I knit on the socks my hands started to go numb (the fact that it was chilly where I was knitting did not help. Cold plus metal dpn's do not equal good things for my hands). I had brought the socks and orangina to work on at my knit night, which just happens to take place in a yarn store. Orangina was misbehaving again, so it needed a time out. Luckily, Knit and Caboodle carries a collection of the cutest kids patterns, so I decided to start a new project. My friends L & K have the cutest little girl - G. She is seven months old now, and since L's favorite color is green, I picked up some Cascade Cotton Rich in color 5800. The yarn is nice to work with - it's not hard on the hands, doesn't split. and stays spun, but only has 88 yards to a skein. I guess for less then $5.00 a skein I really can't expect tons of yardage, but I still haven't finished the skirt (knit bottom up) and am already on my fourth ball.
The Cardinal's participated in Stitch and Pitch, which was a lot of fun. It was 99 degrees out, but we won, so I'm glad I went. We went from loosing with no runs at the beginning of the 5th inning to scoring 10 runs and winning by the time it ended. Plus, it was the first time I had seen my friend Elephunning in several weeks, and she brought presents! (sorry, I couldn't find a better web page or remember the names of the other brands, but she brought back three different micro-brews, two of each kind, for both Deb and myself).
I have also had the pleasure of attending two Muny shows this month, The Pajama Game with my co-workers, and Le Mis with a college friend of mine. Both were very good. Le Mis might be the best show I have seen in a LONG time, if not ever.
Tonight I am attending a River City Rascals game with my parents, as long as it doesn't get too unbearably hot.
I will try and get photos of the WIP's before too much longer.