Thursday, March 6, 2008


So, I've been trying to go back to full time at the non-art related company I work for for some time. I was told that they just didn't think there was enough work for me to do, and they didn't want me to get bored. Two days ago another department posted a position and I told my boss I was going to apply for it. Suddenly, I can come back plus get a nice raise. Funny how that worked. Now I just need to decide which department I would rather work for - my current one where I love my co-workers and am comfortable, but will have some down time, or the new department where the people are much older and stuffier, but where I will be kept constantly busy with absolutely no down time. It's more of a data entry type position then what I currently have. Both positions will pay the same, so I just need to decide if I want to learn something new. I have until tomorrow to let them know. I hate being bored, so the no down time sounds nice, but my current position will give me more of an opportunity to move up. AAARRRGGGG

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