Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy 2008!

I have a lot of stash yarn. One dresser and and two plastic storage towers full. A lot of it is really nice stuff - I have a friend who spins but doesn't knit, so I get a lot of her stuff. For 2008 my goal is to actually use some of this stuff! I'm not going to call it a diet, because then I will just want to buy everything I see. But right now it feels like my hobby is buying yarn, not knitting. This year I want to be able to call myself a knitter again. I want to organize my stash a bit better. Right now my organization relies more on just remembering that I purchased yarn at some part and having a vague remembrance of which bin it got put into. I think organizing the stash will help me rediscover some of the yarn I have.
I am finally finished with all of my Christmas knitting. My poor father was the only one who had to unwrap a ball of yarn on Christmas day! I finished the red scarf from last year, finally, along with a matching hat for my mom. I didn't get any pictures. Christmas at my parents tends to be complete chaos with all of my brothers kids, so I didn't bring my camera home. My dad got to unwrap one sock and the cuff of the second. The finished one fit, which was nice. I thought I had the second one finished on Wednesday, but after sewing in all the ends I realized the second one was a good inch shorter then the first, so I had to rip it back to the toe decreases and add that inch. Everyone loved their gifts. When I visited my brothers house later that day my SIL was wearing her socks. She absolutely loved them!
I am currently working on Juno Regina from the Fall 2007 Knitty issue. This issue had so many fabulous patterns. I attempted to make it with Cashwool, but that felt like knitting with floss. I had trouble working with the yarn because it is soooo thin. I'm not good with lace weight to begin with, and I think this is a little thinner then other lace, so I had to take it out. I am using Bristol Yarn Company's Buckingham (sorry, only link I could find!), which is an alpaca silk blend. It's a sport weight, so the scarf will end up being more of a wrap, which is perfect. It's a pale blue shade that is absolutely gorgeous. If the light and camera cooperate today I will try to get pictures.

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suze said...

my stash is small, mainly because we have nowhere to store the yarn, and i think ben would have an aneurysm if i continued to buy more without using up what i already have. so, i admire those of you who have a good, hearty supply of yarn ready for you :).